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Cloth Pad Heavy

Cloth Pad Heavy

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For your heavy flow days, made with beautiful soft organic fabrics and measure 28cm in length

The cores of the pads are made from organic hemp & bamboo fleece, hemp & cotton towelling. The regular pads have 2 layers of Bamboo/Hemp Fleece and 2 layer of hemp towelling and PUL fabric.

The top of the pad (the part that touches your skin) is a hemp & organic cotton t-shirt material. This is a soft fabric and has been used to be gentle on the skin.

All pads do contain a PUL layer which is a waterproof layer 

While the bottom layer is a 100% cotton printed fabric.

All the cores and top and bottom layers are compostable and will biodegrade

Snaps are recyclable

The PUL layer is the only component that will need to be placed in your normal house hold rubbish. Though this won’t need to happen for several years yet.

Super light and easy to use and carry with you just like your normal everyday pads. Except for the land waste.

To clean: Rinse pads in cold water as soon as possible. You can soak them if you want to, but it really isn't necessary. Then pop them in the machine and wash with your normal wash. Line dry in the sun if you can. Do not dry in the dryer.

IMPORTANT: DO NOT USE Fabric Softener, Bleach, Harsh Detergents. These things can affect the absorbency of your pads or damage them greatly. 
Taking proper care of your pads will extend their life a great deal.