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Sandwich Wrap

Sandwich Wrap

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An eco friendly, waste free option for you to pack your lunch!

Great for sandwiches, wraps, rolls, bagels, pancakes even burritos. Made larger to fit larger items. Simply pop your food in the centre of the wrap and then fold it over and tie up with the ties. No need for plastic or throw away products.

Made to keep your food fresh and secure, once undone you can also use your wrap as a placemat to protect your food from yucky surfaces. 

To care for your wrap simply wipe the inside clean. Can be machine washed on a gentle cycle with cold water then line dry as the dryer will ruin the PUL layer. If you need to iron, iron cotton side only on a low setting.

Made with 100% cotton outer and a waterproof food safe PUL liner, BPA free, Phthalate free & fire retardant. Ties are 100% cotton.

Wrap measures aprox 38cm x 38cm