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Family Cloth

Family Cloth

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Made from 100% cotton flannelette chosen for its softness against the skin.

This is a green living change that may take a little longer to get used to than others!

These are reusable toilet wipes that you can use instead of toilet paper. Single layer soft flannel perfect for young and old bums! Or if you’re not keen on using them on your bum then you can always use them as hankies and they make great baby wipes too. Professional overlocked edges to prevent fraying

To care for your wipes when you have used them, simply pop the soiled cloth in a laundry bucket to soak (if your old enough to remember just like a cloth nappy) until you're ready to wash them. Washing is very simple too, toss them in the washing machine, using hot water and detergent, and let the machine do its job. Then, hang them on the line to dry.

Wash before use as they will be more absorbent.

Each cloth is approx 19cm x 19cm